Kiss My Bass

Kinga Nichols

Saturday, August 25
10:00 am - 4:00 pm




"I think the main selling points for this project as a class are twofold: First of all, every time you get a compliment on your new bracelet, you can go like:  'Thank you, it's called Kiss my Bass.'

Then of course the obvious: Just look at that sterling silver badass bass among the aqua fuchsia waves! Husbands all across the country will be finally ecstatic about their wives beading workshops. Yes, Honey! Go make that bass bracelet! 

Ok, jokes aside, there isn't anything super fancy technique-wise here. But the piece is super fun, super wearable and it will also come in a more grownup bronzey colorway, in case hot pink is just too sassy for you."


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