Coral Reef

 Betty Stephan

Friday, July 27
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Level: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate

This feminine cuff bracelet is embellished with woven coralling, giving the bead work some fun movement when worn, as well as adding dimension to the piece. It is sewn using 3 pieces of woven braiding as a base-embellishing them with bead embroidery creating an intricate floral design with wonderful texture- it makes this cuff look difficult, when it is actually quite easy.

We will cover attaching braiding to a backing, embellishing using the design of the braid as a pattern, a unique edging, attaching a bar clasp, bezelling a cabochon with embellished netting, and stitching a coral fringe. Several colorways will be available.

Kit purchase payable to the instructor is required.


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