Ode to Lalique

 Anja Schlotman

Saturday, November 17
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Level: Intermediate to Advanced



The first component came about as I was weaving away showing my dear friend Brigitte, per request, how it is that a design may come about. As I was weaving away in her lovely Zuerich Boutique, the shape continued to change and at one point Brigitte said: ‘Anja, this is starting to remind me of a Lalique’. That evening we looked at the beautiful book she and her partner put out for me on the coffee table in the apartment and sure enough, we found a very similar shape. René Lalique is one of my very favorite jewelry designers of the past. Perhaps unconsciously I stored some of what I had seen the night before while making my way through the book. Hence the name ‘Ode to Lalique’."



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