Indulgence Earrings

 Amee Sweet-McNamara


Friday, October 5
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Level: Beginner



This is a great Beginner class for folks who are curious about working with Shibori ribbon. Learn how to manipulate the pleats into elegant curves and then finish with rhinestone cup chain, sequins and a variety of bead embroidery techniques.

Students will be encouraged to modify the basic template shape and/or size. Earring posts will be provided with kits but can be traded for French hooks if desired. Kits will be offered in a variety of color-ways. Students should bring good scissors, a surface to work on (such as a beading mat) and any additional light or magnifiers with which they like to work. Project may be completed in class.

Kits will be offered in four special color-ways. Exact shape of larger stones may vary.


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