Basic Bead Stringing
In this class you will learn the fundamentals of bead stringing.  You will be learning to string on "Soft Flex", a strong, flexible wire cable coated with nylon.  Create a necklace or bracelet using Soft Flex and a clasp.  Learn the basics of design and the proper use of a bead board.  You will also learn how to attach a clasp, and you will learn how to crimp, for a clean finished look!  Proper tools and their uses will be thoroughly covered.  (Note:  for evening classes, you must have your beads prior to the class.  Please come in early to purchase your beads, or come in any time previous to the class date.)  $35.00 plus materials.


Basic Wire Wrapping-Earring Project
In this class you will learn the fundamentals of wire wrapping while creating a fun, dangling earring.  Learn how to choose proper tools and proper wire for your project and learn to make loops and wrapped loops which are the fundamental skills of wire wrapping. $35.00 plus kit fee.

We will be listing exciting beginner workshops for Summer!  Please check back for workshops including:

Resin casting

Bead embroidery and

of course, bead weaving!

If you are a bead weaving/bead embroidery student, you will be expected to have the following to bring to the workshop:

Task light (suggested) if needed
Magnification if needed
Beading surface

Any of these materials are available for purchase at our store.

All students must pre-register for classes.  The cost of the basic classes is $35.00.  Bead weaving workshops vary.  All materials are an additional purchase.  If you are a basic student, we will be happy to lend you our tools to use in class.  If you are a beginner bead weaver, please bring the tools you normally bead with, including but not limited to: Needles, scissors, thread, beading surface, task light, etc.